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The Interview: Join me as I speak with Corey Turner, the Global Senior Pastor of Neuma Church, an international and multi-location church based in Melbourne, Australia. Corey shares on a variety of topics: advancing the Kingdom to the nations, the Gospel of the Kingdom, the importance of apostolic vision, five-fold collaboration, and more. This is a great listen for those who are wanting to transition into an apostolic paradigm of ministry and mission.

More About Corey Turner:

Each week thousands of believers are activated to follow Jesus through Corey’s preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom. He is a recognized prophetic voice across the wider body of Christ and is the author of several books. His ministry is marked by visionary faith, insightful preaching and moving powerfully in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He is married to Simone and together they reside in Melbourne, Australia with three beautiful kids. Learn more about Corey Turner and Neuma Church by visiting CoreyTurnerMinistries.com and Neuma.Church

About Glenn Bleakney:

Glenn Bleakney is the founder of Awake Nations and the Kingdom Community. He travels extensively to the nations preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom as well as training and equipping leaders to live and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. Glenn Bleakney has a passion for the unreached nations. Learn more about by visiting AwakeNations.org, KingdomCommunity.Global, and KingdomCommunity.tv

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Watch the video interview on https://youtu.be/Lf8gTrm8oCw

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