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Girl Talk with Lynn Bleakney | Interview with Megan Reda

In the debut episode of Girl Talk, Lynn Bleakney interviews Australian author Megan Reda about her new book, “My Child and the Tapestry of Life.” After suffering a lifetime...

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The Real Root of All Evil

Glenn Bleakney teaches on the true root of all evil. Contrary to popular opinion, the Bible does not say it is the love of money. We are called to...

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Interview with Faylene Sparkes

Glenn Bleakney sits down with Faylene Sparkes of A Company of Seers to talk about all things prophetic. What is the Lord saying right now? How can we prepare...

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Interview with Bret Wade

Join Glenn Bleakney as he interviews Bret Wade of Fresh Vision Ministries as they explore the adventurous journey of discovery taken as we follow Christ. Bret speaks of his...

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Build it Just So | Glenn Bleakney

In this season, it is imperative that we hear the voice of the Spirit leading us back to the apostolic and prophetic foundations of the Church and rebuild according...

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Day 2 – Fight for Your Children | Denise Adams

God has great promises He has given us for our children and grandchildren… Let’s dive into them and give the Lord thanks for what He has promised us! —...

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